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My name is Ela Ganor and I’m a UI/UX Designer.

Over the past 4 years I gained experience as a freelancer as well as working as a full time designer. Most of my focus is on interactive design. I'm a geek for technology, visuals and innovation, and I get excited when they overlap. In my spare time I enjoy traveling, doodling, cycling and eating fruits.


This is my cat wearing a bandanna









A bit more about me

+ I’m a Super Ninja in Photoshop and other Adobe Creative Suite applications.
+ Knowledge of HTML/CSS with wide experience in working with developers.
+ Self taught, curious, fast learner.
+ Experienced in creating new concepts and taking them through production.
+ Genuine love for simplicity, belief that user experience should be straightforward and elegant.
+ Excellent communication skills, ability to present visual concepts.
+ I speak English, Hebrew, a bit of Spanish and German, and fluent Geek-talk.