KNUDGE is an explore and search engine for web content. KNUDGE produces unique content search experience, which is different from the search engines today. Manipulating on keywords, Like a Reverse or Synonyms Filters, setting weights for keywords, and Cross-referencing keywords, allowing endless exploring, alongside an experience of depth and precision in a search.

KNUDGE is my final project at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design.
The World Wide Web is an infinite database of content and information, the search engine is the mediator between the single user, and all of the vast content the Internet has to offer.
This is an expirimental project that created when I began to understand the power of the search engine, and began to ask questions


Homepage as a starting point | Search or explore your interests


A New way to search | The search results are curated in cards formation


Mix it up | Put filters on keywords

Keyword-based Search | Use a combination of kewords to creat a specific search


Manipulated the keywords | Decide if they are significant

keywords whgitskeywords whgits

The JOURNEY PAGE | The search history in visual form


Breakdown of the Search Result | Take a look “Under the hood” of every web page

6-breakdown (1)6-breakdown (1)

A recommendation system for an associative Search |  
Dive in to the endless content of the World Wide Web

7-end (1)7-end (1)

Thank you 

This project was made as a final project in Shenkar College of Engineering and Design

Guidence: Ben Benhurin
Theoretical guidence: Asaf Krebs