a swiss guru of the grid, that laid the foundation for a design style that influenced designers worldwide to this day


This project was made by two design students who decided to join our expertise in print, interactive and motion design to study a few of brockmann's iconic posters with today's technical possibilities and attempt to generate a new interactive poster experience.


The posters were projected on white canvas. Each poster was conneced to an iPad that acts as a remote. The person holding the iPad controll the posters interactions.


He had 
three dimensions

We positioned the circles in the third dimension (depth) to inspect how they would appear according to the careful ratio Müller Brockmann designed. Then we let the viewer control their animation so he could experience the harmony of their original position.

Musica Viva
Poster for live concert series in Zurich 1958

He had 

This poster has great movment in it, the various sizes of white stripes reflect the drama that is in the music. We thought they also look like strings of instruments. So we animated the vibrations of the strings and let the user play three buttons to control the three instruments. When played togther they make a harmony.

Geschichte des Plakates
Poster for a triple concert in Zurich 1955

He had 
live segmentation

This poster composition is assembled by blocks with the same width. By adding a breakdown/build up interaction, we felt it brings out the significance of color and grid, and how all the elements come together to create a vivid composition.

Plakat Affiche Poster
Poster for Zurich Tonhalle 1955

Credits. This project was made at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in collaboration with Tal Baltuch.